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Is your agent registered on rent smart wales?

Rent Smart Wales helps tenants to see who their landlord or letting agency is and if they comply with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 ensuring that your landlord is a responsible landlord.

In order to get a licence people must be trained in their rights and responsibilities when renting out property to tenants. 

The enforcement powers are now active. This means that failure to comply with the legislation is an offence.

Check to see if your landlord or rental agency has registered and complies with the law.

Under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014, there are legal obligations on landlords who have rental property in Wales. 

Landlords operating anywhere in Wales can comply with the new law by completing the appropriate application on this website.  To start the process, you must create an account.

Landlord Registration

Any landlord who has a rental property in Wales which is rented on an assured, assured shorthold or regulated tenancy is required to register.  Depending on how a property is owned will determine who needs to register it.  All registrations are done with Rent Smart Wales. 

Landlord Licensing

Landlords who are not involved in setting up tenancies and managing their rental properties do not need a licence; however they must use a licensed agent and register as a landlord declaring their agent on the registration.  Landlords who do undertake letting and management tasks at their rental properties in Wales are required to apply for a licence.  Such landlords are often described as ‘self-managing’



If your landlord has not registered on the scheme then they are now breaking the law. 

First4Rentals is a full member of the scheme and we are fully aware of our responsibilities to make your rented home feel like your home.